BRIDGWATER and District U3A
Walking Group Meetings:              Walks take place on the 1st Friday, the 2nd, 3rd & 4th Mondays, and the last Sunday of each month. Group Leaders:      Ian          Tel:  01278 722967  or  07581 196292                             Linda       Tel:  01278 426451
GENERAL INFORMATION The   aim   of   the   U3A   Walking   Group   is   to   enable   those   members   who   are   fit   and   able,   to   get   out   and   enjoy   the   Somerset Countryside. DISTANCES:   Unless stated all walks average 5 to 8 miles over a variety of terrain. Leaders have discretion to vary the route. TIMES:       The   Walking   Programme   gives   a   meeting   time   at   the   start   point   of   the   walk.      Most   people   go   directly   to   the   start   point of the walk.  If you need to clarify the route to the start of the walk please contact the walk leader. WALK   CANCELLATION   PROCEDURE   :         If   the   walk   leader   of   the   day   decides   that   a   walk   has   to   be   cancelled,   for   whatever   reason, he/she   should   contact   the   Walking   Group   Leader   by   phone   or   by   e-mail   by   8:00   a.m.   on   the   morning   of   the   walk.      The   Walking Group   Leader   will   then   e-mail   that   information   out   to   those   on   e-mail   and   also   telephone   a   few   key   people   who   will,   in   turn,      get the   message   out   to   others   who   do   not   have   e-mail   by   8:30   a.m.   on   the   morning   of   the   walk.   Walkers   who   are   planning   to   do   the walk   are   strongly   urged   to   check   their   e-mail   after   8:30   a.m.   on   the   morning   of   a   walk,   particularly   if   the   weather   looks doubtful. It is the responsibility of each individual walker to check that a walk is going to take place. TRANSPORT:      When   car   sharing,   passengers   will   be   asked   to   contribute   towards   the   fuel   costs.   Where   a   car   park   fee   is   required the group in the car agree the costs between them.  REFRESHMENTS:       All   requirements   should   be   carried,   especially   sufficient   liquids.   On   some   walks   lunch   or   tea   may   be   available and this will be indicated on the walks programme. It is advisable to carry spare food and drink. CLOTHING:      Most   walks   cover   rough   country,   so   it   is   essential   to   wear   stout   footwear   even   in   summer   and   to   carry   windproof and waterproof clothing. COSTS:      In   addition   to   the   normal   U3A   membership   fee   there   may   be   a   small   yearly   fee   that   becomes   due   at   the   Walking   Group Annual Meeting that is usually held in September or October of each year. FOOTPATHS:   Please notify the Footpath Officer of any footpath obstructions giving a grid reference. HEALTH:      Members   are   responsible   for   managing   their   own   health   problems.   It   is   advisable   to   inform   the   Walk   Leader   of   any issues that may arise. INSURANCE:      The   U3A   does   not   provide   PERSONAL   ACCIDENT   INSURANCE   this   is   the   responsibility   of   individual   members.   The Third   Age   Trust   takes   out   Public   and   Products   Liability   Insurance   on   behalf   of   PAID-UP   MEMBERS.   The   indemnity   is   extended   to Group Leaders in the exercise of their role. INDISPOSITION:       If   a   Leader   is   unable   to   lead   a   walk   contact   the   Walking   Group   Leader   or   Programme   Organiser   asap.   We   hope to avoid changes or cancellations by seeking to have a joint leadership approach. TIMING   AND   SAFETY:      In   the   interests   of   safety   IT   WOULD   BE   APPRECIATED   IF   ALL   WALKERS   STAY   BEHIND   THE   WALK   LEADER AT   ALL   TIMES.   The   Leader   sets   a   suitable   pace   for   the   party.   DO   NOT   try   to   force   a   faster   pace.   Before   setting   off      the   Leader   will ask for one of the Group to act as back marker. DOGS:   We regret that we cannot allow dogs on our walks. OWN   RISK:       All   sporting   and   leisure   activities   have   their   inherent   hazards.   WALKING   AND   RAMBLING   ARE   NO   EXCEPTION. Although   the   safety   of   members   is   always   of   paramount   concern,   accidents   will   occasionally   occur.   It   is   important,   therefore, that   when   entering   into   the   activity,   each   member   appreciates   that   he   or   she   has   a   responsibility   to   identify   the   hazards associated with the activity and take all reasonable steps to eliminate or minimise the potential for an accident to arise.
Note:  In all cases before joining a group for the first time please telephone the group leader.