BRIDGWATER and District U3A
Garden Group Meetings:  Second Thursday of each month Group Leader :  Sue Telephone: 01278 421123
General Information  Our Garden Group meets on the second Thursday of each month  During the summer months we visit gardens of interest, sometimes by coach if the gardens are any distance from Bridgwater, otherwise we travel by cars to those nearer home.   Times of departure will vary depending on distances to be travelled.  In the winter, the meeting times are from 2.15 pm to 4.00 pm.  We invite speakers to talk on a wide range of horticultural subjects.  We meet at Woolavington Village Hall which can accommodate our growing numbers as well as providing extensive car parking facilities.
THE GARDEN GROUP Bridgwater U3A Garden Group Update October 2018 Once   again   it   is   time   to   return   to   Woolavington   Village   hall   for   the   winter   programme   of   talks.      We   start   at   2.15pm   and for the princely sum of £2 you can have an interesting talk, refreshments and a raffle ticket. The programme for this winter is as follows: Thursday 11th October 2018 Gill   Hazel   is   returning   to   talk   about   growing   and   showing   sweet   peas.      You   may   remember   that   she   came   in   January 2017   and   talked   about   Gladiolus.   Sweet   pea   growers   advocate   planting   in   autumn   for   the   following   year   so   her   talk   is   in time for us to take heed of her advice. Thursday 8th November 2018 I   am   sure   you   will   remember   Nathalie   Mignotte’s   excellent   talk   on   the   Gardens   of   Versailles   in   February.      Today   she   will be   telling   us   about   Islamic   Gardens.      We   have   been   hearing   a   good   deal   about   Paradise   Gardens   from   Monty   Don   lately but   Nathalie   tells   me   that    Islamic   Gardens   are   ‘so   much   more   than   Paradise   Gardens’   and   she   is   going   to   Morocco   in October so will have brand new photos and experiences to share with us. Thursday 13th December 2018 This   time   last   year   I   said   I   wanted   to   be   able   to   introduce   our   next   garden   group   leader.   Nobody   has   come   forward   as yet.      Please   get   in   touch   with   me   if   you   are   even   thinking   about   it   but   have   questions   to   ask.      I   am   not   going   to   twist any   arms.      The   most   important   thing   I   would   say   is   that   it   absolutely   does   not   have   to   be   run   in   the   same   way.      It would be a shame for the group to fold but I cannot run it forever. However,   at   this   meeting   we   will   be   doing   ‘fun   stuff’   as   my   grandchildren   say.      Without   a   new   leader   in   sight   we   can’t talk   about   plans   for   next   year   (though   I   still   have   hope)   but   we   can   reminisce   about   the   last   five   years.      With   that   in mind   I   have   a   new   challenge   for   you   all   –   not   the   usual   quiz.      June   is   putting   together   pictures   of   places   we   have   been. We   have   mostly   been   very   lucky   with   the   weather   -   Bowood   House   Rhododendron   garden   apart   -   so   there   are   lovely photos to see. Please bring a plate of something ‘teatime tasty’ to share please. Thursday 10th January 2019 Adrian   Hutchison   is   coming   to   talk   about   Plants   for   Shade.   I   am   sure   that   most   of   us   will   have   a   shady   spot,   whether wet or dry, that needs some inspiration. Thursday 14th February 2019 Nicholas   Wray,   curator   of   Bristol   Botanic   Gardens,   where   we   had   a   really   interesting   time   this   summer,   is   coming   with   a talk with the title ‘Gardens and Landscapes of Sicily’ Maybe inspiration for a holiday? Thursday 14th March 2019 Our   last   meeting   and   I   have   asked   Mary   Benger   from   Burrow   Farm   Garden   to   give   us   a   talk   called   ‘Gardening   made Easier’.      I   am   very   much   hoping   there   will   be   tips   to   make   the   long   list   of   deferred   tasks   waiting   for   me   in   my   garden and allotment a bit easier.  I don’t imagine I am the only person hoping to benefit from this! Everyone is welcome Sue, Garden Group Organiser, Tel. 01278 421123
Note:  In all cases before joining a group for the first time please telephone the group leader.